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Vaccine Passports: With Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy

By Barry Farah | Apr 23, 2021

Vaccine passport initiatives are underway. Barry Farah mentions 18 initiatives in this episode. Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy joins Barry for this discussion on vaccine passports. Many countries are warming up to the idea, warning that those without a vaccine passport could be banned from many aspects of life, such as flying on commercial airlines,…

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Who Killed Political Correctness?

By Barry Farah | Apr 13, 2021

In Episode 29, Barry Farah explains how Political Correctness culminated in the 1990s as a result of censored speech by the left on college campuses in the 1980s. Discover how anti-American radicals in the 1960s and 1970s set the stage for Political Correctness culture. It was dressed down and demoralized by a chorus of national…

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The New Face of Tyranny

By Barry Farah | Apr 9, 2021

In Episode 28, Barry Farah introduces a new form of tyranny experienced from the consortium of big biz, big gov, and big tech. Increasingly these entities have been party to the canceling, doxxing, and censoring of Americans, despite constitutional protections. The constitution clearly supports freedom of speech and yet everyday people are losing their jobs…

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Travel is a Human Right

By Barry Farah | Mar 31, 2021

In Episode 27, Barry Farah shocks listeners with the recent travel restrictions placed upon Brits by an act of Parliament. Known for its freedom of travel, the country has reached new heights of control over its citizens. Barry Farah explains why it is clearly unconstitutional to restrict the movement of Americans. Barry walks through how…

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Leftist Bias & Persecution in Schools: GenZ Interviews

By Barry Farah | Mar 25, 2021

In Episode 26, Barry Farah interviews six student leaders at Turning Point USA’s 2020 Student Action Summit. These GenZ leaders share their experiences of being persecuted for their conservative beliefs. Teachers and administrators in public schools across the country dox and shame these students while openly embracing and promulgating leftist ideology and canceling conservative and…

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The Bible is Provably True

By Barry Farah | Mar 23, 2021

Only 2% of millennials believe the Bible is a reliable source of truth. In Episode 25, Barry Farah explains why you can trust the Bible and be confident that it is true. He makes the case for the Bible using logic, probability theory, and history. For example, there are over 2500 prophecies in the Bible…

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Non-Math & No More Mom & Dad

By Barry Farah | Mar 19, 2021

In Episode 24, Barry Farah exposes two ridiculous Items. Barry ticks through a new non-math that is deconstructed in the name of ridding math of white supremacy. For example, objectivity in math is used to uphold capitalism and imperialism, Thus, according to some, math is a bad thing. There are other new methods for teaching…

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CDC: Hyper Control Didn’t Reduce Much

By Barry Farah | Mar 18, 2021

In Episode 23 of Culture Shift, Barry Farah’s takes a look at a recent report from the CDC with an explicit data-based admission that the campaign to control people was not that effective. In fact, the mask mandates did little to impact the COVID death rate. Rather, a much-ignored factor in the worldwide death rate…

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How COVID was Managed for Safety at the Expense of Freedom

By Barry Farah | Mar 12, 2021

In this episode, Barry Farah lays out how the government response to COVID over the last year was a “manage to safety” versus a “manage to freedom” approach. He reviews how government-made decisions based on data that didn’t prove true, including preparation of an inordinate number of hospital beds that were never used. He details…

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