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You Should Be Free to Succeed

By Barry Farah | Feb 10, 2021

In this episode of Culture Shift, Barry Farah explains the real secret of success. Many best-selling books and speakers have covered the topic of success. Barry unveils the importance of America in establishing an environment of economic freedom that unlocked the potential for success never before seen in history. Individual liberty was first acknowledged in…

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What Happened to GameStop?

By Barry Farah | Feb 5, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about economic freedom in light of a recent development related to short selling. Short selling is for sophisticated investors who are aware of the exorbitant risks. But, even in this risky territory, longterm a free market is best for the everyday person. The Bible speaks to economics extensively.…

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Down the Memory Hole

By Barry Farah | Feb 1, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the “memory hole” where embarrassing information gets incinerated. This was first showcased by George Orwell in the novel, 1984. Barry describes the memory hole in light of a recent attempt by some U.S. senators to quash the testimony and otherwise erase the evidence presented by other Senators…

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Religious Persecution in Former USSR

By Barry Farah | Jan 28, 2021

Today on Culture Shift Barry Farah interviews a young woman named Kristina, who moved from Moldova when she was eight years old. Kristina’s family came to America to escape religious persecution in their country which had been under the Soviet Union’s rule. In this episode Barry Farah and Kristina discuss what that persecution was like…

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Is Big Tech the New Thought Police?

By Barry Farah | Jan 25, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the rise of big tech surveillance and the control over free speech. Speech that incites violence and violates the law, is not acceptable. But censoring people based on varying beliefs and opinions is unAmerican. Barry Farah describes the major novels of the 20th century that have warned…

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Breaking Down Presidential Impeachment

By Barry Farah | Jan 21, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the process of impeachment and the due process required for public officials facing indictments. In the United States, the impeachment process does not guarantee removal. Barry describes the process of impeachment as an indictment that requires members of Congress to vote on whether the crime committed is…

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Right to Redress Grievances

By Barry Farah | Jan 15, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the final right within the first amendment – the right to petition the government to redress grievances. This practice stems from the Bible and English law. In the Old Testament, Moses was told to train leaders on how to handle disputes and grievances. He then leads us…

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Free to Assemble Peaceably

By Barry Farah | Jan 14, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the freedom right to peaceably assemble enshrined in the First Amendment and the events that took place recently at the U.S. Capitol. The right to peaceably assemble was first asserted by the colonists when the British attempted to suppress this right. This eventually led to its incorporation…

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Abdication Leads to Tyranny

By Barry Farah | Jan 6, 2021

Today on Culture Shift, Barry Farah talks about the balance of power and how it relates to the recent election. 2020 brought with it a huge expansion in government overreach in its allowance of violence, its mandate to force business closures, and response to the evidence of alleged election fraud. The balance of power for…

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