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The Power of Free Speech

By Barry Farah | Dec 31, 2020

Today on Culture Shift, Barry talks about the first two freedom rights within the first amendment: the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. When it comes to sharing ideas, the “cancel culture” phenomena has already begun muting our abilities to speak freely. Yet, the power to speak is one of the greatest gifts…

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Who Invented Freedom?

By Barry Farah | Dec 21, 2020

Today on Culture Shift, Barry talks about the author of freedom: God. The freedom to practice your own beliefs is necessary for a society to accurately be called “free.” The founding fathers borrowed from the biblical phrase, “Thou Shalt Not” to construct the first amendment, which begins “Congress shall make no law…”Come along to find…

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Your Success Requires Freedom

By Barry Farah | Dec 15, 2020

In this episode, Barry describes what this show is all about – freedom. Today, we will listen to Barry explain what your freedom rights are, and how guarding against the enemies of freedom is essential to your success.

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